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    Post questions for Pierce here.

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    I love Red Rising, it has inspired me to start putting some of the crazy stories in my head on paper. One of the things that I have trouble with is comparing my first draft of something to the published version of my favorite authors (aka you). So my question is would you be willing to share an excerpt of the first draft version (scene, paragraph, chapter) compared to the final published version?

    If not, pick a generic writing question: What time of day do you do your best work in? Outliner or Pantser?


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    Do Golds put pineapple on pizza?

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    How do you manage to make even a robot like me feel things when reading any of the books in the series?

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    Will there eher be an howlerfest in Europe? Can‘t wait!!

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    Just preordered the German translation of Iron Gold coming out on November 5th. Do you know when the translation of Dark Age will be available?

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    Where do you get your military strategy?  I, have been completely taken by surprise on more than one occasion.  Have you read military strategy books, or have a source you refer to?  “Art of War”?

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    Side note, I don’t often use WordPress, but there doesn’t seem to be an edit option for posts. Can we get that added? I wrote my post at 2 AM, and the text mistakes are pretty hard to read.

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    How does Pierce spit Sevro’s dialogue out of his fingers? It’s so bloodydamn golden.

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    <span style=”color: #000000; font-family: Times New Roman;”>I’ve recently started reading Mythology by Edith Hamilton, & have realized how embedded the Red Rising series is in the Greeks & Romans (especially given Pierce Brown’s Red Rising epiphanic description when hiking & some of the names). How much of the Greek/Roman symbolism is coincidental, & how much of it is done purposefully? For instance, Bellona is Latin for the Goddess of War, & walks alongside Mars (Latin for the God of War); given that tidbit of information it’s appropriate that the Bellona house is from Mars, but was it done on purpose or is the tie coincidental?  </span>

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