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      Night has fallen, and procrastination seeps into the bones. Anyone have theories or want to chat regarding what’s going to go down in Dark Age?

      Here’s what I’m thinking:

      (It’s been a while since I finished Iron Gold, so I may be a bit rusty on the details.)

      1. Darrow getting absolutely outplayed at the end, in my opinion, kind of calls back to what he was thinking before the Rain on Mars– he’s but an arm with a sword. For all his men, all their fanaticism, all his demokratic vision, all his treehugging dueling skill, Darrow is consistently powerless to protect those he values. Just look at Pax and Ragnar, or even the Howlers he lost when falling with a million men from orbit. Unpopular opinion: Darrow has always needed to rely on Mustang to do the heavy thinking. What the Ash Lord pulled off was nothing short of Danny Ocean heist level, and calls back to the helplessness that the Jackal inflicted on Darrow at the end of GS. Darrow has always been outplayed by Gold, and has always used his madness as a crutch– but there’s only so many times a Zerg rush will work, and only so many friends he has left to take the bullet. I think the role he’s been forced into– much like the way his struggle has taken away his chance to be a real father–has diverted sorely needed mastery points away from wisdom and into attack damage. Can’t wait to see how Cassius reacts to this.

      2. With Lysander returning (though I’m guessing that’ll probably be a cliffhanger at the end), there’s a very real chance that he’ll ally with the remaining Ash Lord forces/Atalantia and wheel back on Darrow– the issue being that neither implementing nor countering book-long Machiavellian traps were ever his forte, nor commanding fleets. As mentioned in IG, Mustang was a poor naval strategist and we haven’t seen much of Victra yet outside of curbstomping Antonia as she made her “tactical retreat.” Here’s to hoping for a return of Orion? There’s going to be a very real problem if Society loyalist forces roll up to the ring and there’s no Roque-level strategist standing for the Republic.

      3. Regarding Pax and Electra, very interesting. I don’t think they’ll be in serious danger of mutilation in the case of recapture– if at all. Electra, possibly, as a shock tactic on Pax. But Pax himself is too valuable to harm, and killing him straight up would completely nullify the entire character arc that Mustang walked Darrow into. An entire book was spent trying to prove that Darrow could be a builder, not just a destroyer, and an actual father. To undo that for shock effect would be odd. I guess only time will tell, and here’s to hoping we actually find out who the Queen is next year.

      4. And to hell with Lyria. Chances are there’s going to be some cheesy change of heart on part of the Telemanuses, who charge through a wall to rescue her just before Victra’s skinning knife comes down. Or Sevro’s going to pull another hanging-esque stunt. But whatever. With all due respect to her character and story, outside her potential testimony for Mustang, she’s absolutely useless. Darrow dies? Republic is slagged. Mustang dies? Republic is slagged. Sevro dies? Darrow turns into Haymitch Abernathy. Victra dies? Sevro turns into Haymitch Abernathy. And so on. On the other hand, if it weren’t for the plot spotlight, the ruster is of absolutely zero consequence to the galaxy without her plot spotlight. A gutsy refugee with a sob story makes a great cinematic, but it doesn’t change the fate of the Society, doesn’t turn away billions of tons of steel and death, doesn’t

      She’s a ruster who got lucky. Maybe she was necessary to show the cost of war, but that could have been tossed into the prologue anyways. The point being, that Atalantia still bears down on the Republic. Lysander still chases Seraphina. Blah blah blah. Lyria has no skills, no machinations, no support base, and no diplomacy beyond pulling a Naruto-level speech about the power of gorydamn love and honesty. In the grand scheme of things, she’s about as angsty and useless as an emo MySpace profile.


      5. Anyone else super hyped for Mustang POV? Enter House of Cards vibes.

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      1. Yes, Mustang POV is the best thing that could ever happen to this series.

      2. If Sevro dies, tea will be spilled.

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      I still wholeheartedly believe that Cassius is not dead. In IG, we neither saw him die nor did we see his deader than dead, unrevivable corpse. If Darrow died three times in the first book alone and is alive and kicking for the whole rest of the series, and Sevro faked his death for a few chapters, then it’s very much possible for Cassius to be alive. And even if he did die during surgery, I’m sure it would still be possible to revive him like what happened with Darrow in RR.

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