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      This forum is for Dark Age SPOILERS and Dark Age book discussion during the 30 day SPOILER BAN.

      This is for those who have the book early (ARCs, SDCC) and / or those who WANT to know Dark Age book spoilers from those who have the book early (sickos!).

      The Dark Age Spoiler Ban will be in effect everywhere except this forum until August 30th!

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      So … how about that book, huh?

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      I think Alexandar’s death devastated me the most for some reason.

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      That was fairly upsetting! I grew more attached to him than I thought I had. What about that Syndicate Queen reveal? I didn’t see that coming.

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      The book killed me. Seriously. It was a rollercoaster where I couldn’t get down even if I wanted. Daxo, Theodora and Alex killed me and I DID NOT LIKE IT!!! Asfdjffjkglgl</p>

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      I am not even a third of the way into the book and it’s already scaring the shit out of me. Like, those fucking deaths though. And Lysander getting pretty much Zuko’ed, and then Darrow almost getting…well, you know…

      This is Golden Son but high on meth, coke, and LSD all mixed into a bloody glass of lean and I fucking dig it.

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      This book bloodydamn broke me. Especially the ending.

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      I’m in love with the way that Pierce writes Mustang’s POV, especially her speeches. If we can’t have Mustang for president, can we at least have Pierce for 2024?

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      I ugly cried at Sefi and Ephraims deaths, and Alexander. But I bawled tears of joy when Cassius showed up and saved the day!

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      Bloodydamn brilliant!

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      All those deaths were horrible. The only one that I wasn’t actually upset with was Seraphina’s, but it was still a shocker that she would go out that way and so close to the beginning of the book. But you could already tell that Lysander was becoming more and more disenchanted with her, I think.

      The one death that truly killed me for was Ulysses. I could barely contain myself and I was reading that during my break at work, so I had to try to remain calm so as not to get questions from my fellow employees. Yeah, I barely knew him, but he was Sevro’s and Victra’s baby boy, and it was such an awful description. Pierce killed me there…right through the heart.


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      Mustang’s POV was such a refreshing mindset. The only previous female one was Lyria’s, so getting Mustang’s was basically essential to get a view of her thought process, especially because she has such a brilliant mind. I loved it! It made me love her more, but it did break my heart for her when she had to see Daxo die like that.

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      Mustang’s chapters are my favorite. Though some were pretty brutal.

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      In Chapter 31 was it one of Lyria’s brothers on the Reynard or was it her nephew Liam?

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      It must be Liam…think the ‘brother’ reference was either a Pierce glitch or we can blame it on Kavax.  He’s had a rough ride.

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      I am equal parts dismayed and admiring of the Tongueless story-line.  I can see Pierce writing and cackling “Oh, you all think that I am going to reveal some huge mystery about his origin?  Nyah!”

      The body-count differential of ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ characters was wayyyy out of whack!  Jeez.  Only really two ‘bad guy’ deaths (of semi-prominent named characters) by my count.

      I am wondering about Sefi’s affliction and, uh, Fa eating her heart and all that…wouldn’t that…transmit it?

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      oooh. Good idea! Perhaps that’ll give Volga an advantage.

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      I was dying for just one more Darrow chapter there at the end! Wow Dark Age indeed. Freaking out about what the Abomination is going to do to Clown, Pebble, and Sevro. Poor Arcos dies a hero, then comes back to life just long enough to bring Lysander into Heliopolis.

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      Every single scene with Ulysses wrecked me. I cried more than I care to admit. This book..this writing….Pierce went to a whole new level. This book angered me, made me laugh and cry and made me stop reading and rage quit more than once, that’s how I know it was extra good. I cannot wait for the next book but I’m sad to see this story end. Thank you pierce

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      1) Mustang’s POV is so.damn.good. I not been that taken with her character until DA. Thanks, Pierce, for sharing with us her POV and giving her such a badass storyline! And I love the narrator.

      2) Holiday’s husband is briefly mentioned early, did I miss more on that or was that just a seed?

      3) Are the 3 brothers that Darrow has snipping actually Lyria’s brothers?

      4) Ulysses. :'( Nooooo. It sucked. When Sevro finds out it is going to suck even more.

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      Just finished it and I am stunned. I knew I loved this series from the start of the first book but bloodydamn this ride was something else. It had me with each twist and each time it seemed the jaws of defeat were to consume Darrow or Lysander they escaped. I knew Cassius wasn’t dead! I told my brother after IG that there was no way with some characters truly being near cockroach in there ability to survive so much punishment while at the same time others dying like nothing. Seraphina’s death was the ride awakening to what this book would be and oh how I loved the ride. Lysander really went full villain mode right there at the end but I can’t help but hold out hope for Darrow especially now with Cassius at his side and hopefully to see his family soon. Alexander’s death really hit me though, I wanted so much for him and Rhona it breaks my heart. I can’t stop talking about this book to all my friends and family members because this book, and this series in general really is something special. Now I can’t wait for the next book AND for the TV show to hopefully come somewhat soon and maybe just maybe one day a video game or board game. I would play either of those non stop every day.

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      Attending a book signing with questions that contain spoilers and only 2% of the room has finished Dark Age is a new kind of torture I hadn’t experienced before now…

      But slag it, I had a blast.

      I knew Cassius wasn’t dead from the very beginning of Dark Age – he is not listed in the names of prominent characters with what happened to him. Can’t list him if he didn’t die!

      I asked Pierce about Sefi poisoning Volsung Fa by default and he just gave that cheeky ass smile and said nothing. Wouldn’t it be glorious though – the only reason Sefi remained quiet during that horrific torture was with the knowledge Fa would have to eat her heart at being found worthy and infecting himself with her disease. Bloodydamn brilliant.

      I also wondered at Lilath being another version of ‘Lilith’, the mother of demons. >:) Kind of fitting now no?

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      Me waiting years for this book: YAYYYYY

      Me getting the book: YAYYYYY!

      Me starting reading the book:



      Hell no!

      well, there goes Sera… or half of them anyway

      come on!… I liked tongueless! at least is only secondary characters.

      Dancer! come on! poisoned?

      Wait… what???? Not Daxo! Not his head!!!

      Splat!… now that’s savage… Theodora.

      Sefi!!!!! opened like a fish filet!

      No, not Ephraim, and his heart!!!!

      Most howlers… specially those in the wolf’s head… damn!

      Hell no! not Alexander! single shot come on!!!

      All of free legion…

      Alliance between Lysander and the Minataur… The republic is fried.

      Holly cow, the book is an gorydamn cemetery.

      And I refuse to admit Sevro, Pebble and Clown are gone.

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      I just finished it and needed a support group… It was brutal!

      Game of thrones is a kiddie tale compered to this.. damn! gorydamn! Now if you excuse me I am going to my corner, curl and cry.

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      At least Sevro, Clown, and Pebble are still alive. Whether they’ll still have their minds intact in Book VI remains to be seen.

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      The fact that Pierce had Fa perform a Blood Eagle on Sefi at Eagle Rest – is just – bloody poetry.. well done, my goodman.

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      This book was an 800-page Empire Strikes Back.  Hours upon hours of grief with little reprieve.  But as someone once said, “Life is meant to be felt. Else why live? Valleys make the mountains.”

      Sefi, Alexandar, Theodora, Daxo, Rhonna, Ephraim, Tongueless, Orion.  Ephraim hurt a lot… to see him evolve from a misanthrope into a snarky father figure, and then break his promise to Volga… I won’t forget that one for a while.

      One thing that disappointed me… Publius’ turns out to be the traitor, and begins monologuing about socialism.  Feels like a cheap shot at socialism.

      But… the rise of Lyria, Volga and Virginia!

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      A week after reading, I’m finding myself having anxiety nightmares in which the Abomination uses the chair to clear Sevro’s memories and then he doesn’t know Darrow or his family…

      This FRIGGIN’ book is still haunting me.

      Lysander is such a brilliant prick of a  villain.

      I can’t wait to see what Lyria’s parasite can do.

      Mustang’s POV is amazing (except the certain areas where it’s just so painfully obvious it’s a woman’s viewpoint written by a guy but it is what it is) and Pax is the coolest kid in the worlds and his heroic moment flying was just the BEST.

      Gosh, this series is great.



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      What the fuck.


      Pierce. Are you okay, man?

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      Please dont become a copy of Game of Thrones…

      We liked the book when not every main character was killed…we will like it also if not every main character is killed…

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      Cassius showing up right when Darrow had lost everything was the tonic my ailing heart needed. After so much carnage and destruction, it gave me hope. But now O need to ask, is there any chance we can a get a short story on Cassius’s escape from the Rim? An appetizer before book 6?

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      Question. Do we still not know who told the Vox about the emissaries in the first place?

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      Quick question…when Darrow first mentions meeting Atlas au Raa he says he shook his hand when he was in service to Nero. However it later mentions Atlas was banished and didn’t return until after the fall of Earth…so I guess my question is…how did Darrow meet Atlas? Let me know if I’m missing something, this whole description is laid out in chapter 9 for reference.

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      He was banished in 739 PCE, after the deaths of Lysander’s parents. Red Rising ended in 738 PCE and Golden Son began in 740. We don’t know when in 739 he was banished so he could have met Darrow any time between Darrow finishing the Institute and leaving for the Academy.

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      Ooo gotcha gotcha, didn’t even consider that Lysander’s parents died during the events of the books. Guess I just always thought it was before Red Rising. Thanks for the clarification!!

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      Yeah because Lysander’s dad was Lorn’s son. Lorn originally lived on Mars in Red Rising but had moved to Europa by the time of Golden Son, and Darrow implied that the death of Lysander’s dad was why Lorn moved.

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      The the 3 snipers that Darrow assigned were Lyria’s brothers. The ones remaining went with Darrow on the Renyard.

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      This book was bloodydamn gory and brutal! Especially the Ascomanni they were f*cking terrifying.


      P.S. Pierce Brown, stop messing around with that clone shit, it’s creepy.

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      Salvete, Howlers!

      I had to wait to wait half a bloodydamn year for the German translation of Dark Age so I was unable to use the forum for the last time! I ALMOST CRIED WHEN CASSIUS CAME BACK. I thought Darrow would die :(… What do you think about the clone Jackal? Disgusting, isn’t it? Lilath is so blinded by her love… Altogether I enjoyed the book tho!

      Curate, ut valeatis,

      Ares xx

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