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      What is one of your favorite moments in the series? I have so many, but I always do love when Darrow surprises us with one of his plans that saves the book out of nowhere (but is still good and doesn’t ruin the plot). Another thing I liked was the brutality of ***SPOILER*** of Sevro’s fake death. I wasn’t happy at first of course, I was in shock haha, but I liked the reveal and made me like Sevro even more.  What are some of you fellow Howler’s favorite moments? Also Mr. Brown if you see this, thanks so much for this series, can’t wait to read more.

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      Definetely the gala, and everything that happens

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      My favorite moment is more of a Darrow moment but places you inside the mind of Sevro. When the master maker needs sardines, Darrow is the only one willing to check in sevros living space, its booby trapped and after a DNA test sevro grants Darrows admittance. It is such a Sevro thing to do. There are many instances at the institute that mad me love sevro, like killing a wolf and skinning it with his bare hands on the first day, lol…I believe it was on orientation day.

      What would you like to see happen with Sevro? What if Lilath and that abomination hack into his mind and destroy his memories?

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