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      Share your best encounters/experiences as a Howler!

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      I was hesitant to post here, since nobody else has. But I read another forum post about how encouraged authors are more productive. Plus, I can’t imagine Mr. Brown wanting a ton of fan submissions blowing up his inbox so he uses this forum to “pull” encouragement. So in attempts to encourage Mr. Brown, if you’re even reading these, here goes nothing:


      Mr. Brown, I want to say thank you. The Red Rising series has taught me so much about life and leadership while being a series specifically relatable to me. I grew up in a small town in West Virginia. Miners and hillbillies were friends and family. The state is 49th or 50th in a lot of rankings regarding education and financial stability. Very similar to the Red class of the series. Growing up though, I thought we were okay. Didn’t know how ignorant and xenophobic we really were. That is, until I moved to the DC area to take a job as a project manager for the government. I’ve got this thick hillbilly accent amongst all these different people with such a “higher class” culture, and I definitely felt out of place. Many times, I wondered if what I was doing was worth it. I was discouraged and it seemed like I was spinning my wheels. I contemplated moving back to WV many times. But then I read your Red Rising series. And I related exceptionally well to Darrow, who had gone from a big (Red) fish in a small pond to completely out of his element amongst all the Golds. In America, I’m not sure if there is another place that can be more comparable to a Golden society than DC. So in my time of discouragement and discomfort, I stumbled upon Red Rising from a good friend back home. And I completely devoured the trilogy and looked to Darrow as a role mode and example. His leadership qualities helped me to become a better project manager. And his story aligned so well with mine, I was able to pull encouragement and inspiration from his actions. I’m no longer discouraged and I’ve gotten much better at showing love to others, especially those not exactly like myself. I truly believe this is where I’m supposed to be in life so that I can make a difference in the world and help others. And your book series has helped me in this journey and continues to do so in every page written. So thank you, Mr. Brown, for helping this meager Red rise from their own Dark Age while navigating this real-life Iron Gold society. Can’t wait to see where you take us to next on this journey.

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        RedHowler92 I’m not Pierce Brown, but I really liked your post and I’m glad you shared your experience with everyone on this forum. I have a similar experience. I used to live in the middle of no where Arizona with a population under two thousand. No body there was wealthy by any means. Then I moved south of Detroit (detroit has a bad record I know, but we moved to this nice part, it’s an island on the Detroit river) and where I lived the population was till small (10k-ish) but still bigger than where I was. Also everyone is upper middle class or over, with most everyone living is large beautiful homes and mansions and owning yachts. I guess I shouldn’t say everyone, but lots of people were rich. I feel like I can connect to Darrow when he sees the top side of Mars and realizes what his conditions were like compared to everyone else’s.

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