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      As you all know, since you’re here, the Red Rising series is awesome!

      But why?

      Let’s do some analysis and boost Pierce’s ego because a happy writer is a productive writer.

      I’ll start.

      What I liked:

      • Structure – The linear chronological structure allowed me to focus on the characters and plot without having to track any weird timelines.
      • Pacing – The pacing was fast, but never so much so that I lost track of what was happening.
      • Rate of Revelation – Mysteries are presented and solved in a timely manner. Bigger ones take multiple books to solve, but generally, no plotline is left behind.
      • POV – The first three books are all in Darrow’s POV and honestly, I found it hard to get into the other POVs in Iron Gold. Not that they’re bad, but I wasn’t really invested in them and I was eager to get back to Darrow.
      • Distance – Because they’re in 1st person, the distance is always pretty close, but Pierce gives scope and scale in Iron Gold by adding other POV characters.
      • Emotional Arc
        • Emotions – OMG! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster.
        • Motives/Agenda – A great example of how a character (Darrow’s) goals need to expand as the story progresses. Darrow starts out with a simple quest for revenge a la 80’s action movie They Killed My Woman trope, but it goes so much beyond that. Very quickly Darrow realizes that he’s uniquely placed to do something that benefits more than just himself. As the stakes increase, so does his sense of duty and self-sacrifice, proving (rather than merely claiming) that he’s truly a hero, even when he doesn’t feel heroic.
        • Actions – Logical given the context of the story. Even when Darrow’s being “stupid” his actions make sense based on what he knows or what he’s trying to do.
      • Dialog – A particular strong point as it’s where a lot of the emotional lifting happens in the story, both what is said and what ISN’T. Great subtext.
      • Description – There’s not a ton of description of how things look, but there’s enough that we get the idea and for me, this is the best! I don’t want gear-porn. I want a story, not a catalog of parts that some sci-fi stories can become.
      • Reader Response – I resisted reading this series for a long time. I was doubtful of the hype. How many Romans in space stories do we really need? Apparently, at least one more! Once I started reading I devoured all three books and immediately pre-ordered Iron Gold.
      • Overall – My favorite (okay one of my favorite) thing(s) about the Red Rising series is that it asks questions like:
        • If you could remake society, would you?
        • What responsibilities do “liberators” or “saviors” have to those they save?
        • Is democracy good or bad or is there another system of government that might work better to allow self-actualization without trampling on human rights?

      So, what do you like about the Red Rising series?


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      I have to say that I like the Red Rising Saga even more than Lord of the Rings – and if you would know me, you‘d know that means a lot. (sry for my English I‘m from Germany)

      There are two things which I  especially like (I like everything of the book but these two points are more unique)  and which are very unique in the fantasy-/sci-fi-genre:

      – all the references to the antique world, for example that the inner border of the system is called Rubikon, like the river in (&and the border of) the Roman Empire. Like Pierce said in his bio, he just „added Greeks“😂.

      – in the books you can find TONS of philosophical and sociological thoughts, which make you think. I bloodydamn love it!

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      Story arc – for me (and I am an Audio Book “reader”) the stories start kind of slow and build until they are at a fever pitch.  At the beginning of Morning Star I really didn’t like who Darrow had become, but as usual, the story grew and became something I was obsessed with.

      TWISTS!!!  I listen during my commute and what people must think of me when I gasp and my mouth is left hanging open on the subway. This happens often

      Emotion – I have also cried on the subway more than once.

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      This should be good for at least 11 ego points.

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      One of my favorite things about this series in particular is the character development. It’s bloodydamn amazing. I’ve loved a couple characters right off the bat (Darrow, & Victra), but others have grown on me (like who doesn’t love Sevro).

      The humor used in these books is relatively crude, & I LOVE IT! Coming from a military background, I can honestly say the dialogue is similar. I was actually introduced to this series by a 1st Sergeant because he knew I was an avid reader, & he thought the military tactics were brilliant.

      I can agree with the initial post. I “ate up” the Red Rising series, & was very eager for Iron Gold’s release. However, it took me a bit of time to get into the other character’s POVs. That is not to say I didn’t like the book because I wound up loving the other POVs by the end of the book (Lyria’s is the only one I’m still “meh” about, but I wanted more of Lysander’s POV by the end).

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      I like that Darrow is inside his own head a lot so even when he makes bad decisions, it’s easy to understand why, and makes him seem less stupid because he at least thinks about what he’s about to do rather than just having him do some shit and explain it all later.

      I also like that Pierce managed to make me emotional even about the character I hate (the bloodydamn Jackal, man).

      I also like the emotional rollercoaster I got taken on when it came to Cassius. I liked him, and then I got mad at him while also sympathizing with him, and then I hated him, and then I started to warm back up to him, and then I wanted to choke him for a while, and now I fucking love him.

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