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    Did you ever think that you could make a awesome movie or TV series out of Red Rising? -Then you‘re dead right in this topic!

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    I did!! I thought it since I started to read the first book!

    At first, I imagined that there would be three or four movies as adaptations of the first trilogy (like Hunger Games, for example).

    But, after reading Iron Gold, I honestly prefer a TV series, because it could show a lot of things that a film adaption should have to leave out.

    Also, I think that nowadays a Red Rising TV series would make a great impact and it could have a lot of success.

    And what about the cast? Did you ever imagine which actors and actresses would be ideal for each character??

    Like, for instance, Richard Harmon as Sevro, or Jeremy Irons as Lorn au Arcos (just some of my ideas! I’d love to see the other fans’ thoughts, of course!)

    What do you think?

    (PD. Sorry for possible mistakes, I’m not an English native speaker)

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    Well, I think that a movie would be way better than a TV-series. Just like they did with Lord of the Rings, 3 movies (one for each book) (6 movies if you include IG trilogy), packed with action but also melancholic scenes like they are in the book. In EVERY TV series I know the directors stretch the plot so they can make another season. With movies they don`t. Btw they are tons of videos on YouTube where fans publish their dream cast!

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    I feel like a movie series, unless each book is split into several parts, would never be able to properly encompass the whole of what Red Rising is. In too many adaptations to the big screen, lots of important scenes, statements, or even entire characters and arcs are eliminated simply because of time constraints. A TV show, on the other hand, with the right people and the right budget, could be just what the series needs: A physical representation of everything in the books, nothing left out, for the people who just don’t read that much. A movie might be able to do that, but I personally think it would still be a bit underwhelming. I’d be fine with either path, but I feel in my gut the TV show is the route to go towards for now.

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    I feel like with a series like Red Rising, there’s no need for stretching because there is so much stuff in each book.


    Also, you could probably have a 1 book = 1 season sorta thing going on.

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    As far as I know, Pierce is now looking to bring the saga to television.

    I’d love a Red Rising TV series. It could be a great success! I’m actually dreaming of a Pebble & Clown spin-off!!

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    I predict that Sevro is indeed not gonna be genderbent and put into a love triangle with Darrow and Mustang.

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