April.23.2019 | Source: Pierce Brown “Few know the weight, the fear, the anger, the ambivalence, the pride, the love, the disgust, the disappointment, the hope, and the utter frustration of ruling over billions of souls. I thought I could rule wisely. But wisdom has less to do with reign than does sacrifice. Octavia lost her daughter. If I lost my son, could I carry on?”

January.25.2019 | Source: The Writer It took Pierce Brown six novels and countless queries before he broke through with his smash-hit Red Rising trilogy. Now he has two television series, a film adaptation, and another sci-fi trilogy in the works – and has never given up on his principles along the way.

December.20.2018 | Source: Sci-Fi Bulletin Pierce Brown has been travelling the world to promote the first book in the new trilogy, Iron Gold. During a brief downtime, he chatted once more with Paul Simpson.

April.12.2018 | Source: New York Times

What books would we be surprised to find on your shelf?

“The Fault in Our Stars,” by John Green; the “Mistborn” series, by Brandon Sanderson; and the “Red Rising” series, by Pierce Brown.

A Sci-fi Writer Inspired by the Plight of Irish Immigrants

SPACE CRAFT: Fans of Pierce Brown’s swashbuckling sci-fi adventure series won’t be surprised to learn that he loved world-building from an early age. “When I was a kid, we moved around, and I was forced to grow up in lots of places. I spent a lot of time alone. I’d go…
It has been 10 years of war. In Pierce Brown’s Red Rising universe, the rebellion begun by slaves three books ago, then carried into the stars by slaves become heroes, become gods, become myths, has nearly been won. Mars and Earth and Luna have been freed from the…
There is arguably no shortage of science-fiction novels. After the success of books such as “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent,” American author Pierce Brown received raves for his “Red Rising” trilogy, which earned him a spot on the New York Times’ best-seller list.

Pepperdine 40 Under 40

December.8.2016 | Source: Pepperdine Weekly

What does being one of Pepperdine’s 40 under 40 honorees mean to you?

It’s an honor, though I feel a bit silly. There are so many people in the Pepperdine community who make real, tangible differences in people’s lives. I just make up things for a living. But hey, maybe in the future I can help other Pepperdine students realize that life in the creative arts can have just as real an impact as other more tangible professions.

Pierce Brown lands at No. 1 with ‘Morning Star,’ plans new series

February.17.2016 | Source: USA Today

For a guy who has issues matching his socks, even Pierce Brown is a little amazed at how popular his color-coordinated sci-fi series has become. His new novel Morning Star, the final book in his Red Rising trilogy, lands at No. 1 on USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list this week, Brown’s first ever appearance in the top spot.

Inside the List

January.16.2015 | Source: New York Times

Bullies Are From Mars

Bullies Are From Mars: “Golden Son,” the second novel in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising trilogy, enters the hardcover fiction list at No. 6. The plot of these books — in which a charismatic hero makes his way from Mars’s oppressed underclass into the ruling elite, where he plans a secret insurrection — has reminded some critics of the Hunger Games series, while putting others (O.K., me) in mind of Arthur Krystal’s observation about pulp fiction: “Skilled genre writers know that a certain level of artificiality must prevail, lest the reasons we turn to their books evaporate.”

‘Golden Son’ Is Space Opera That Doesn’t Forget The Opera

January.11.2015 | Source: NPR

Pierce Brown wrote a book last year called Red Rising — the first in a proposed trilogy. In the press, it got compared to The Hunger Games (as pretty much every book with a teenaged protagonist and some dying in it does these days), to Ender’s Game (as pretty much every science fiction book with a teenaged protagonist and some dying in it does) and Lord of the Flies (as pretty much every book with teenagers, dying and some artful turns of phrase does).

BEA 2013: Pierce Brown: Six Is the Charm

May.31.2013 | Source: Publisher’s Weekly

Twenty-something Pierce Brown has written six novels, but none has been published until now. Congratulate him today, 11 a.m.– noon at the Random House booth (2739), where he’s signing galleys of his science fiction debut, Red Rising (Del Rey, Feb. 2014). With its young-protagonists-fighting-repressive-government plot, it’s predicted to invite comparisons to The Hunger Games.

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